Electric Witches 6/21/16
Hidden conjurers of a different space and time sort out our darkest most unresolved yearnings. They call but do we listen to their insistent and painful wails? “Don’t let her go. Do whatever it takes.” A lock of her hair remains bound by ribbon in the bottom of photo-scattered drawers. We can’t live without it.

Scene 1 of the new surrealistic and conceptual music video for “Pillow Bella.”  Shot in the darkest corner of the city, the Electric Witches, @mellymellow @tigerlilystar @ttiana11 @sincerelykimbo, hold the séance; an heirloom evocation, with Steven Thomas on the lens.  We are very excited to begin this cinematic experience. This is our first official video and we are taking on a hairy behemoth of material with nearly 12 scenes to shoot. Tune in for the teasers and outtakes as we expect a release sometime in late Fall.

Brass Skeletons 7/19/16
In the distance, the joyful howl of the reaper calls for our return. Nimble bare bones dance beneath our fleshy coats as we exhale relief at deaths brief visits.

This was a fun shoot with @nipchuck @sweetmelodiousjackson @mikerosoft2004. Sexy friends in skelly body suits. Mask designs by @wintercroft.

Fretful Priests 7/20/16
Magic Zannis of the pious and profane. A nightmare of warnings stupidly laugh out into the Promised Land; the empty skies, bottomless collection plates, years of psychic brothels.

A fabulous and sweaty @mandrewsvenson & Jace Hughes donned the costuming & helped with the UV makeup for the black light prayers.

Angel Majesty 7/25/16
In the dog days of summer, the magnanimous mystic @tigerlilystar walks her beloved Bella around the Grecian fountains of the Loose Park Rose Gardens.  The sunshine soaks her majesty with memories of life with her furry spotted friend.

Bella the dog was a great sport and we made sure that she was well hydrated.  Lens operation by Steven Thomas with the help of trainers/owners/friends Elly Biggerstaff & Kevin Corbin.

Cemetery Bella 8/19/16
An early foggy morning split the rays of the becoming sun and gathered whispers for the lonely graves. Bella, or what remains of her spirit, winds through the headstones above a thousand hollow senseless eyes.

Owner/Trainer/Friend Kevin Corbin ran about whistling as the nearsighted and aged Bella found her way back to him and into another take at Calvary Cemetery.

Killer Quartet  8/27/16
What darkness lies behind the doorway of our desires? Our hauntings sing from ancient coins that slowly drown at the bottom of our wishing wells.  Revolting sweetness. A gorgeous brutality.

Mr. FoX was plagued by a terrible allergic reaction and his face was twice its normal size. A scary sight he was, but the string section made of @glassyeyedlight @kcviolinist @cellist_zg @albvx8, settled themselves professionally with laughter and pity of @Mr.FoX’s  ballooned profile. Thanks to @colbylysne for allowing us and a drone to crash at his photography studio.

The Taxidermist 9/10/16
A faceless and timeless profession operates with crude tools to preserve the likeness of life for the grieving champion and the dancing widow. With flowing locks tied up to tend the spotted skin of a loved one, he sharpens his knife, shapes the form, and shakes what remains of the gallon can of bondo.

All fur is faux. No dogs were harmed. Steven Thomas once again behind the lens. I’m told our blood was by John Sanders of The Walking Dead. Again, now adding actor to his accomplishments, Kevin Corbin as The Taxidermist.

Later, for real deal shots, @Mr.FoX nervously approached Scott @sureshottaxidermy in Bonner Springs, KS about getting a behind the scenes look. The gruesomeness was expected, but not to the level of bus tubs of guts. They also had 4 poisonous snakes in the lobby. The fellas were super nice and to thank them, we made an IG ad. They truly are “the coolest shop in the Midwest!”

Pillow Presentation 2/25/17
Post burial, we fill ourselves with coffee and pasta salad while catching up on the grave and trivial aspects of life. Never laughing too loud, we morbidly lurk in between small talk catching glimpses of our better selves while doing our best to suppress our true nature. Those closest left behind live guiltily with relief that ‘it’s all over,’ while they shudder against the futures breathless whisper of ‘what now?’ Our best offers of condolences are never enough even for the stray social lingerer there for the gossip and a possible mate.

This was a hell of a shoot. A ton of great footage was taken thanks to the unbelievable cast @mellymellow @sincerelykimbo @ttiana11 @tigerlilystar @mandrewsvenson & @topdollartone. Red strobe and lens work by Jace Hughes. Pillow construction by the amazing Wende Williamson. Tail construction by @Mr.FoX.

The Seamstress 8/23/27
Another day, another dollar. Decades of hems, jacket alterations, commemorative quilts, but today … a pillow made from the skin of a Dalmatian. A bitter life of saying ‘yes, how short, how long, I’m sorry, I’m glad you like it.’ How do you say no, when the arthritis won’t leave you alone?

The lovely and talented Mary Gay Rogers graced the set as The Seamstress with the marvelous eye of @danvidetich behind the lens made this a very lively and interesting final scene. This was such an incredible creative experience for everyone that took a lot of time and planning that eagerness and inspiration could not foresee. Shout to @davidlynchfoundation & @alejandro_jodorowsky for a lifetime of ideas and feelings.