Volume 1 was released in January of 2014.
Best album nominee - the Pitch weekly.


Folsom Prison

I hear the train rollin' 'round the bend,
I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when, I don’t know when
Stuck in Folsom Prison time keeps draggin' on, & on & on & on & on,
But that train keeps a-rollin', On down to San Antone.

Just a little bitty baby, My Mama she told me, "Son,
Always be a good boy, Don't ever, don’t you ever play with guns,"

But I shot a man in Reno, Just to watch him die,
When I hear that whistle blowin', I hang my head and cry,
Yes I hang my head and cry

I bet there's rich folks eatin', In a fancy dining car,
They're probably drinkin' coffee, And smokin' big cigars,
Yes I hope that they choke on that smoke

But I know I had it comin', I know I can't be free,
But those people keep a-movin', And that's what tortures me. I was
Just a little bitty baby, My Mama she told me, "Son,
Always be a good boy, Don't ever, no don’t you ever play with guns,"


Fall Winter Spring & Summer

If you don’t ask why in the situation
You’ll be caught spinnin’ round and around
Till you don’t know how long been there.

Whose to say what you’ll do to get relief
When ya got no job and a hungry family
Ya push a person too far they might rob a bank
But after all they’ve robbed us now don’t you think
It seems to me that the truth has been over run
With these bald faced lies and mass confusion
Ya can stick a gun in a poor man’s desperate hand
He’ll fight the war for the rich in a foreign land

Now what do you do with a PHD?
When the school’s, hell, they won’t be hiring.
Now you’re in debt up to your neck
And all that’s left is the back breakin’ factory
Gettin’ down with that Black Friday Buy, Buy, Buy
Where nothin’ seems real but the run and hide
So what do you get but an empty wallet
And a need that just can’t be satisfied

You can move through your life like the night does to light
Walk the hills of the shadows that saddle our heights.
Into view, what we’ve come to the sum of the paths we have used

Who (ooh) are we working for just to get by?
To be soothed while we’re on the floor, spendin’ most of the time.
Hear the gears as they grind down our lives Fall Winter Spring & Summer.
Who herds the shepherd when he
seems to have lost all of his good senses?
What makes a battle between heaven and earth
seem like such a good time?
Do ya think we can dance in this dissonant trance
forever, forever, forever, for….

That which we tend to is our mark


If Once…

I can’t expect to figure it out anymore.
What is real is the mirror we’ve constructed.
What is real is the mirror we’ve constructed.

Most of my days, worry seems to follow the cards that I play.
When will I learn, I’m only dealin’ myself in the way.
Nights when I sleep, I am reminded (I am reminded),
Of love which seems to break under my hands.
If once I could just sing… without these bricks on my heart,
They’re so heavy but don’t have to be.

I can’t expect to figure it out anymore.
What is real is the mirror we’ve constructed.
What is real is the mirror we’ve constructed.
And I suspect the reflection is all that I fear.
As I hurry all my time disappears.
In this gear life has become so unclear.

What can you do with all your money (with all your money),
When you can’t even pick up the phone to call a friend.

If Once I could just see, without these
visions inside my head,Of who I’ll never be.

One of these days, soon I’ll be right with the words that I say.
Until, I can find where I belong in the past or meantime.
Do I move on or remain on rewind.


How 2 Move What 2 Wear

You think you come before heaven and hell
The land and the sky and even water and air
I tried to understand for too long, but now that I’m gone
Blind is not what you are no, I don’t mean to suggest
Your eyes may see clear and fine but your heart could never pass the test

How 2 move and what 2 wear there is no we ‘cause you kept tellin’ me
What to say, when to turn out the lights.
Baby nothin’ cause I got no voice in which to fight.
Dawn has come and now I navigate.
This time I’ve found no need to hesitate.
Just look around and you may find my back and soon
another to see through your lies.
There ain’t no use. I’ve heard your excuse and now I’m leavin’

Rain comes down from the clouds and washes away
The belief that I’ve found the sun for all of my days
My heart has been worked right to the bone, so I just leave it alone.
What will your mouth think of next? What else have ya got?
I’ve turned myself into a battleship, go on and take your next shot (Go)

Come morning, come evening, come afternoon,
you got your thumb on me


In My Sights

Night has come to where you belong
A dark so low, a mine where light never goes … underground

Snakes will creep into a quick heart rate
without the slightest move
Through the walls in every room you can
hear ‘em sing their silent tune … listen

High East Womb of the Sun
have we lost where we are from?
In your place a ticking clock tic-tic
she counts the days 123456 she keeps a watch singin'

The look in your eye is enough enough to satisfy this loaded gun
In My Sights you can’t run but I sure as hell would try
What no reply just the blinkin’ lights inside

Days will come they will come where we run
To the veins skin and bone not the plug

Reasons ought to be known


I’ll Be Leavin’ with You

You blow me away like the winds do a sea worthy vessel.
And occupy time in the thoughts of my mind.
In every way, your eyes cast a spell on my senses.
The sun sits up high in praise… of your patient existence.

Hearts may be armored but mine, I’ll be leavin’ with you.

A hand for the seeds, the honey to bees, an axe for western conceptions.
When I go through hell, she’ll be right there sayin’, “I love a sinner.”
No gospel can tell who she can love, hate, or what she’ll be learnin’.
Searching for truth in all of her proofs, often with years of citations.

Pain has brought me down to my knees,
You know the way life can be so… cruel.

All day and all night, when wrong or when right,
leaving her countless affections believe,
That much like a kite she touches the sky without having
shame, guilt, sorrow, or greed.
A glance will not do.  You must resume,
speechless by her gentle features.
Attraction is not a fraction of what I got
in all of these feelings for you.


You Should Have Known

Never did it seem, I’d fall into your scheme.
For what I failed to learn, you sought to pick clean.
If you think, I believe what I’m hearin’, that I’m buying your line
That the smoke ain’t a warnin’ to get out before the sun begins to rise
You better learn to watch yourself.

You Should Have Known

Into the clouds we will climb for golden rays to mine.
Oh dontcha know that our backs will be burnin’ to get out
While we still wear the rest of our hide.
To be soakin’ wet, head to toe I met, the skin and bones
Of silent tones that form my alphabet.  It ain’t no mystery, just ancient history
Fallin’ right back into the same old routine.

You Should Have Known


Watch Out

There is another sense of time that follows a simple state of mind
And if you try it don’t be quiet testify though they will not like it
So Watch Out So Watch Out
If it’s ever been the case that you’ve come to question that steady pace
You’re stuck in a groove lackin’ beat or a tune,
but you’ve got the moves of the sun and the moon
To Watch Out So Watch Out

Oh no no no I just can’t take it
for today I have opened my eyes
Oh no no no I can not take it
Oh no no no I just can’t take it
No no more will I fall for the lies of time that we’ve been livin’

It ain’t under cover so don’t be fooled
follow your last heart attack back to your nursery school.
And when you find it don’t be quiet testify though they will not like it
So Watch Out So Watch Out
Very common it is to lead a good life feelin’ like you are just a battery
But now you’re unplugged from the system of thugs
Who’ve robbed plenty of time with only greed on their minds
So Watch Out So Watch Out

You’ll see it in the hands and face when your mother and father
sigh “How did we grow so tired?”
Maybe we can find a trace in all the measurements
that we’ve placed upon our hearts and hands
Denied the right to know

Oh, How could we let what is real disappear,
into the pavement that we now steer
Beneath the state and the church Below the rich and hard worked
Way under all we’ve come to know where direction finds its home
There’s no end to the spin and the game that we’ve played in


Pillow Bella

Hello Pillow Bella, roll out your tongue and dream
Of walks in the Park; a lick to study breeze,
A highway to Mars, beneath the lemon trees.

We simply cannot bare, you leavin’ us with waggin’ tail intact.
Piece by piece, we shall evenly divide.

Morning sun will rise, and light upon a slightly soured smile.
The soul moves on but we keep the skin on file.
Yeah the soul moves on but we keep the skin on file.


The Devil and I

You, you can’t catch me.  No you can’t catch me…
…Cause’ I’m movin’ to fast for ya.  I’m movin’ to fast for ya
by-by-by being cool.
There ain’t nothin’…no way or no how,
I won’t let you get to me so ya can’t bring me down.
…Cause’ I’m movin’ to fast for ya.  I’m movin’ to fast for ya
by-by-by being cool.

Can’t you see…that I’m movin’ long distance on the right track.
I am free… wherever I go.
Try to relax… and take it slow

Take all of my money, steal all of my time.
You can call me a liar, reduce me down to my crimes.

You should know that I got your number…which lies
Between six-sixty seven and six-sixty five.
Now I stand I smug conviction, “you’ve reached the end of your line.”

Take all of my money, steal all of my time.
You can call me a liar, reduce me down to my crimes.
Try to relax… and take it slow


In You I Find

In you I find, oh love of mine,
Sincerity in place of a promised lie.

When we begin to learn that hearts can be loving things
That grow… beyond our ideal control,
Lips whisper yes while the brain screams no,
“How can you love me so?
I’ve never felt this close… to

Home,” I’ve found in you a light;
The sound of life, I hear without fighting;
Where grief is left in hands that shall carry the mess
Into the bliss we belong.

Years that precede still follow,
In bitterness that echo our sorrow… in gnashing teeth.
Half the time do we mean what we do,
Or just carry on that same old song rhyming all the wrong
Been done to me and you?

But in you I find, the sun will shine
Right through our hearts and into our children’s eyes.
There in you I find, an endless hymn
That sings to the roots of nights whisperin’,
“Lovin’ you I find, hands and face
Buried beneath the sweetest places.”
Yes in you I find, everyday,
It is you whom I choose, it is you that stays.